UMass Amherst’s Du Bois Library is the centerpiece of the Commonwealth’s flagship campus. A hub of creation, research, and congregation, Du Bois is a gathering place for UMass students. In designing this print campaign, I sought to capture not only the sense of discovery and wonder all libraries carry, but also the many features and qualities that make Du Bois Library one-of-a-kind.

These prints feature a vibrant color gradients behind a warped grid design. This grid emulates Du Bois Library in two ways: its augmented end points mirror the iconic pillars of the building’s exterior as well as the shape of towering library bookshelves.

Du Bois Library is a center of creativity, education, and culture. Offering sound studios, 3D printing, and countless other student services, Du Bois sees as much creation as it does consumption.

Being famously tall is one of Du Bois Library's core competencies and it warrants reference on at least one poster.

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